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  • Islamic Center Of North Phoenix

    Islamic Center Of North Phoenix
    Address: 13246 N. 23rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85029, USA
    Phone: 602-371-3440
    Fax: 602-371-1252

    Islamic Center of North Phoenix

    Islamic Community of Bosniaks Phoenix was founded in 1995 and began his work as a mosque in June of 1997 with the arrival of Imam Sabahudin ef Ceman. Mosque opening ceremony was in October of 1997 with the presence of Reis ul Ulema Dr. Mustafa ef Ceric, and the chief Imam of North America Dr. Senad ef Agic and other guests.

    Through time the Islamic Community of Bosniaks in Phoenix continues to strengthen and grow so that indicated need for a new, larger facility.Campaign was launched to build a new Center on the existing site which led to a lot of difficulties in obtaining permits for construction. In the period of three years we worked on obtaining the necessary permits for construction, with the purchase of neighboring land to fill our needs for building the new center.

    With Allah's grace in February 2007 there was possibility of buying land and building (the church) that would satisfy our needs for a very reasonable price. This chance our community used and with the joint effort we start with buying process. In April 2007 we purchased a building.In the next two and a half months were carried out works on the rearrangement of object for our purposes. Our valuable people with their contributions and efforts did all work to build our new Mosque-Center so that we are all proud what we have today.

    In August 2007 we started to use the new facilities for our community. Since then, this Mosque -Center is used to fulfill our religious obligations and other community activities.

    We ask Allah let us be those who will use this Mosque-Center in a way that is best for us and the satisfaction of Allah.

    Committee of Bosniaks Islamic Community Phoenix

    Imam: Sabahudin Ceman Contact Phone 602-371-3440 Fax 602-371-1252

    President: Muhamed Cuskic Contact Phone 602-371-3440 Fax 602-371-1252

    You can find Prayer Time Table in our Main Menu/Glavni Meni/Vaktija any questions please contact our imam or administrator of this site. Thank You and God bless...

    Activities 1: Maghrib--: Isha,Community Potluck,1st Sunday of every month
    Activities 2: 10:00--: 1:00ekend schoo,Sunday weekend school,Sunday Islamic School
    Activities 3: 12:45--: 2:00,Jumma'ah Sala'h,Friday Prayer